Saturday, July 13, 2013

EllaFun Party

Meet Ella, Bella, and Boo the elephant sisters. 
I sewed these darlings for my little girls birthday.

For her birthday I want to have fun with a girly Elephant theme.
I collected fun treats like Circus Peanuts, cotton candy and Taffy as well as Fruit Loops. 
Parties should be geared for the kids and not too grown up, right?

I got some fun milk bottles from Hobby Lobby that I put chocolate milk in.
My mom contributed the paper straws. I love those. These glass bottles are
not kid friendly and I discovered that quite quickly, but they were fun.

My sister in law is a cake genius.  She helped me decorating the cupcakes.  I
had a loose idea of making an elephant with fondant.  She took that and made these
darling "ellie" heads and embellished with juju flowers.  We stuck them in the middle
of super yummy strawberry frosting loaded with yummy strawberries and cream cheese.

My precious little one loved it. "My tate" she said of her cupcake.
"My mook."  (milk)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Bakery Birthday!

My L loves baking and especially loves cupcakes.
Delight was gifted her by my mother for her birthday.
My mom put together a little shop with a pass through window.
For the awning she hung up a sheet, saving a portion to use as a table cloth.
She set up a tiered table to display toy treats and had real goodies for the kids to "buy" and eat.
The kids would point to a toy treat and order and my girl would fill their order.
My mom kept it really simple and had on hand inexpensive cookies (she purchased for $1) 
to use in the shop for when children made orders.  The fun thing about those was that she had
 play cookies in the same styles as the real cookies.

Opening Gifts and sending cookie gift boxes home!
Simple origami boxes filled with cookies for the favors.

I was super happy with how much fun everyone had and thanks to my 
wonderful mother I didn't do any party work! 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Star Wars Party

Happy Birthday to my 4 an 7 year old kids! 

I found a good use for Pintrest!  I knew they wanted a Star Wars themed party so they
could wear their costumes again.  These costumes have been the most requested wear
again costume I have ever made.
I found some fun ideas and weeded out the too difficult ones and then begged some cool
things from my sister.  My sister has these templates that you dust on sugar or cocoa and 
poof you have a storm trooper on your cupcake. She really has my back!
 I also made light saber pretzel sticks, smore's tie fighters, and Yoda soda (which was better
in theory, tasted icky, lime kool-aid is gross)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pooh bear party

My baby turned 1! I can't believe it! When you are little a big party really isn't very important to the child.
It is more for the parents. We had a small party with cupcakes and crackers.
Yet a cute party for pictures to go in her memory book.

First I gathered up all the pooh bear toys we have collected over the almost eleven years I have been a mother. 
Some are vintage and some are classic but all are loved at our house.
My older daughters were in charge of making the cupcakes and they did a great job mixing and
pouring into cupcake papers.  I did the easy swirl of frosting on top then added a golden or orange 
gummy bear right on top.  

The next step was the most "work" for this simple party. Making crackers from scratch! 
I made graham crackers and cheese crackers!

For the graham crackers I used the recipe I found here!
The recipe says to cut them up in squares and you can, but I used a honey hive cookie cutter
that I thought matched my theme. This recipe is super yummy and we could hardly wait for 
them to cool and it was hard to save some for the party.  Remember if you want it more crisp
bake a bit longer. (unlike a cookie you bake less to have a softer cookie)

Here is the recipe for the cheese crackers it is really simple and we all love it!
I had fun making cheese crackers from two types of cheesesWhite Cheddar was my favorite
but the Dubliner cheese was the kids favorite.  Both make a more cream color cracker so the second 
batch we added some food coloring (I know silly) the kids really wanted them orange.
Then I cut out the crackers with carrot shaped or heart shaped cutters to go with the Pooh theme.
The cutting out is the most time spent. Suggest double batching because we ate ours so fast!
Or even keeping some dough in the fridge to make the next day.  YUMMMM.

My little one was celebrated and I got to have fun making a few new things.
She got to eat home made versions of her favorite crackers and feel love
from her family.  It was a good day!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Long live the King!

my King that is!
He is the guy I married and I wanted to give him a party.
I had fun preparing and this was the result.
Pretty cute I mean attractive set of cupcakes!

It was a nice family party celebrating our special guy! 
He smiled and so I think that is the best assurance of a success!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Preparing for Chess theme party

My sweetie is having a birthday soon!

Sometime it is hard to come up with something
cute attractive and fun for the one you love.  (especially a guy theme)

Lately he has been playing chess.  I catch him playing on his phone.
My daughter loves to play a game with him.  So there is my inspiration ~ CHESS!

I was lucky and found some fun links.

Here is the FREE clip art I used.

I made cupcake toppers and decorated the inside of my card with the clip art I found.

I used a FREE template for my cupcake wrappers.  I traced the template on black and
patterned paper.  I think it will look so sleek.  (Can't use cute for a grown man...)

Here is the FREE cupcake wrapper template.

For the cupcake toppers I punched out the clip art with a 1" circle punch.
Then punched out 1 1/4" circles to sandwich the toothpick between.

Played around on  Picasa to create a card insert sheet using chess clip art.

Found a bunch of great poems online.
I choose Battle Field of Life by anon for inside my card.

Here is where I found the poem.

My favorite line is

  ".. and I your Queen, a loving wife
shall guard my liege and raise my shield."

I hope my King enjoys his party!

Monday, June 11, 2012

9 patch summer sewing class

It's summer and tome for fun sewing classes! I invited each girl to pick a doll that needed a quilt. Then we determined the size and made patches accordingly.

Then I had each girl use a hand needle and sew the patches together. Once upon a time hand sewing was an art and tiny stitches were a girls pride. So practiced tiny hand stitching, running stitches.
They each had the freedom to pick fabrics from my cotton quilting fabric. I did go through it first and weed out any pieces I had big plans for. They loved being the one to decide what colors and where they went. 
I loved that we finished them in one day!

What you don't see is the finished quilt I haven't take a photo of that yet! We used the technique for self binding where you fold the backing over onto the front. You cut the backing larger than the front. Fold in the corners. Press then fold up edge and then fold over again over top pieced and pin in place. We zigzag stitched it on. You get lovely mitered corners that way.

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